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A Video News Release (VNR) is a short video normally around 2 or 3 minutes in duration. The purpose of a VNR is to inform & shape public opinion. A VNR can be used to promote a business or individual, commercial products & services. Essentially, a VNR is video version of press release.

5 reasons the video press release is the next big thing in PR!

VNRs make it possible for PR Professionals & Businesses to get their messages across to journalists with news stories for local & national newspapers online editions in a more engaging way.

Online video has clearly been around for a while & people are more receptive to video now than ever before, so if you have not used a VNR before, now could be the right time to add video to your PR & Marketing activities.

itpv can provide you with a complete production service to turn your your press release into a Video News Release with a fast turnaround for same day release when required.

Video News Releases- promote your business or individual, commercial products & services. 


Social Media Videos- you can share socially


Professional talking heads- interviews with your staff

Customer case studies - testimonials are great way to attract new customers

Onsite VNR Editing- for same day news

on the very latest Apple MacBook Pro's!

Many forward thinking PR companies and businesses have B-roll in the same way as they have still photographs and written PR assets on file for urgent PR requirements. B-roll is a sequence of shots intended for TV programmes or video news releases via the world wide web.This footage is shot in the

style of professional TV News footage.

These pre-prepared items really come into their own in the time of crisis when positive images and footage became and urgent requirement when positive PR is required.This is when these on tap assets become there most valuable.

Are you prepared for TV exposure ?
It can happen at any time and a well-produced B-roll can ensure that only positive images are shown.

You might not know ?
Major broadcasters such as BBC News,Sky News and ITN News, often contain Broll footage from various sources which they consistently use. Footage is also used as part of a reporters’ overall package on regional news programmes such as BBC Midlands Today and ITV News Central. It may also be used as a standalone package.

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‘Ian’s passion and excitement for the job was inspiring. Whether he was travelling at speed, stuck in a cell block (he’ll want me to say that this wasn’t down to an indiscretion) or stood on a motorway with 44 ton trucks hurtling towards him, he produced creative and exceptional work for our Truck Safe Campaign Video, that reflected everything we wanted within a very tight frame.’

D.C. Gavin Green Central Motorway Police Group

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