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motion graphics

Motion graphics can add the finishing touch to you video production.

An opening title screen, captions and closing credits can add the finish that improves the style of your production.

Graphics, diagrams and animated product demonstrations can also be produced to help communicate your message clearly and effectively to your target audience.

Please contact us to discuss the motion graphics for your next video production.

what are motion graphics ?

Motion graphics make static infographics come to life and are usually combined with a voiceover. A motion graphic could be all elements of your company logo animated 

to form the original in a visually exciting way.

Let’s just say that motion graphics move on their own, which basically means they tend to transform on their own.


file types

Ideally provide us with an Adobe Illustrator (.ai),EPS file,PNG or a layered Adobe Photoshop file, if that's not possible a high resolution JPEG will suffice.Take a look at the motion graphics show reel video above, to get an idea of what's possible.Many new samples and services being added all the time. So please check back with regularity.

If all the above sounds complicated, DON'T PANIC! – I'm here to help! Just give me a call to discuss your project, and I will provide you with some friendly & helpful advice to make your next online video a success.

For further information or to discuss your ideas please call Ian Tel:07973 30 40 23

what we need from you

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